From service provider to digital experience provider



BiP is a new generation app that enables you to experience instant messaging & call You can send your pictures, videos, sound recordings and text messages along with unique content instantly and free of any charge.

  • Instant messaging & voice and video call
  • Multilingual instant messaging
  • App2Nw & App2App
  • Advertisement
  • Discovery Services & Business Channels
  • Multicloud Option

BiP Multicloud

BiP multicloud is a service architecture providing interconnected communication between all BiP clients. With this architecture, operators/companies can customize their own app, store the data on their servers and can create their  own services under Discover.

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lifebox is all access personal cloud to store all your files and contacts. Your photos and videos will be securely backed up and organized, so that you can easily reach and share them. lifebox organizes all your memories by who, when and what’s itn them by creating smart albums.

  • Auto upload photo & video
  • Transfer from Dropbox and other social platforms
  • Facebook & Instagram Transfer
  • Print
  • Face & Image recognition
  • Unified search
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TV+ carries the entertainment where you are with more than 150 live television channel, blockbuster films, tv series followed by the world, most stunning documentaries and animations.

  • Live channels & VOD films
  • 4K Broadcast
  • Seamless Multiscreen & Multiclient
  • Regional CMS
  • Cloud Based
  • Built-in CDN
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fizy is the best way to discover and listen to music! Search artists you like, listen to favorite songs or watch video clips. You can listen to millions of songs and watch video clips on your mobile and tablet at any time by fizy.

  • Music on demand
  • Video Clips
  • Live Concerts
  • Radio Channels
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Play by Mood
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Dergilik is a digital reading platform for magazines, where you can read a wide variety of magazines of your own choice from all mobile devices. You can find both current as well as previous issues of magazines along with some major newspapers within the application. The app allows you to access to a wide range of magazines of your choice anytime, anywhere with just one click without having to carry them physically.

  • National & Local Newspaper
  • Global & National Magazines
  • Offline Mode
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RTM (Real Time Monitoring)​

One of the most important criterias in success is to give data-driven decisions with single version of the truth. Real Time Monitoring application is developed to display snapshots or data for certain periods in tables, trend graphs or map values by getting data from different data sources. It gives a chance to reach all these data from both mobile devices and web environment.​

  • Real Time 24/7 KPI Monitoring
  • 2500 Different KPIs
  • Dashboard for Functional Organizations & Multinationals
  • Flexible Access Control
  • Trend Following
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RTA (Real Time Action)​

RTA is a streaming analytics platform which enables advanced and unique analytics capabilities over streaming data. RTA is the scenario oriented perfect platform for complex business requirements with real time senseanalyze-act tmethodology. RTA Streaming Analytics Platform empowers businesses to process millions of customer interactions, business events and sensor information per second and act on opportunities and threats in real-time.

RTA is a comprehensive real time event driven marketing platform. The platform shall process events as they ocur and trigger any appropriate actions. The platform shall also have advanced monitoring, visualization and audit trail capabilities.

  • Manage Customer Journey
  • Increase Customer Value
  • Fast and Visual Scenario Development
  • Cross App Best Action
  • Long Term Event Storing
  • Scalability
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Gateekeper blocks any kind of interconnect bypass fraud. Gatekeeper’s solution is unique, using active real subscriber database with a dynamic testing methodology. What Gatekeeper do the best is to generate test calls through IP networks to active stubscriber database where mobile operators have the flexibility to change their test plans real time. Gatekeeper use a very large network of new generation IP based call origination products along with traditional calling products (MVNOs; calling cards and etc.) in order to maximize our call generation capabilities. Gatekeeper also detect any OTT Bypass where we simply cover any type of interconnect fraud.

  • No SIM card Needed
  • Smart Traffic Routing
  • No Refill Cost
  • Pinpointing of frauf heavyroutes